Kyrsten Barrett, L.Ac., MAOM Psychic & Manifestation Mentor

Are you ready to Embody Your Purpose and

Create a Life You Love?

Of Course YOU are!

…and I would love to help

Living your purpose is not something that happens accidentally. You don’t just stumble into your purpose. Why? Because your Soul is always moving you into greater expansion. It’s always inviting you to move beyond your comfort zone. This takes great courage and persistence! Acting in alignment with your Soul is inconvenient! Your Soul is always stretching you and calling you to bigger, bolder, new experiences. It’s not hard to live your purpose, but it takes courage to be 100% authentic in a world where most people are not embodying their Divinity. 

Setting an Intention and then taking CONSISTENT, aligned ACTION takes courage and it takes support. This is where the rubber meets the road. It’s about claiming everything you’ve learned about Who You Are at Soul Level and taking aligned action to manifest your Soul’s Desires.

Kyrsten will be offering 20 minute readings from 4PM to 5PM and 10 minute readings from 7PM to 9PM at no charge.


Tony has been playing piano and keyboards professionally since 1983. Over the years he's played everything
from clubs, catering halls, and casinos to theme parks, concert venues and studio sessions.

Throughout the 1980s, Tony was a member of Crosswinds, a popular tri-state area working & recording act. As a member of Herman's Hermits featuring Peter Noone (for nearly 5 years starting in 2003) he crisscrossed the USA countless times performing in theaters and live on TV & radio. Tony has also played live and or recorded with Micky Dolenz of the Monkees, Eric Bloom of Blue Öyster Cult, members of Meat Loaf's Neverland Express Band, Nine Days, Blotto, The Good Rats, Emmy Award-winning composer Rich Dickerson, and celebrated producer Peter Denenberg. Tony wrote and recorded children's music in the 1990s for a series of book & cassettes.

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Dangerous Curves Collection by MG Ballard Designs

You will ALWAYS have something

you CAN and WANT to wear because

you helped to make it YOURS!




“As women, historically and globally, we have always pushed against “fitting” into roles and beliefs defined for us.  And most of the time, breaking out of those roles and moving away from those beliefs has freed us to make life better, not only for ourselves, but for our families and communities.”

~ Artist/Designer/Educator/Advocate

Marva G. Ballard

George Tebbitt

Starting with local Long Island bands
in the 70's, George played all the clubs 
and bars that offered "live music" as the
guitarist with a band called "Essence".
The band was well known for their strikingly
accurate renditions of songs by progressive
acts such as The Who, Yes, Genesis and of
course The Beatles. The band featured intricate
harmonies involving all five members.

Next up was a real education in Rock and Roll,
George became a member of one of Long Island's
legendary bands, The Good Rats. The band had
several album releases and had a reputation of
having the finest musicians in the Tri-State (NY,
NJ, CT) area. The Good Rats have recently
been inducted in the Long Island Music Hall of Fame.

Over the years, George has played with members
of the following well known bands: Billy Joel, Blue
Oyster Cult, Billy Squire, Meatloaf, The Outlaws, Foghat
and Deep Purple.

For the last several years, George has been playing
solo acoustic guitar, and has been busy playing the
east end of Long Island and the Hamptons. He is
excited to be part of the very vital music scene on Long Island.

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