join us as we recognize community leader DAVID GUSSIN

   DAVID GUSSIN                


David Gussin is the co-founder of the famous 516ads and 631ads websites, helping Long Island’s business community grow with both an online presence and weekly networking events.

David is also the founder of LEARN (Let’s End All Racism Now), a movement bringing greater awareness to the advantages of embracing different cultures. 

Considered a powerful business leader on Long Island, David has been featured in several publications such as Newsday and the New Yorker magazine.  He was even interviewed on CNN, displaying his trademark “roar” - his famous call-to-action “igniting business growth.”

David is also the creator of the famous “Everything Bagel.”  Working at a bagel shop in Queens, one of his jobs was sweeping the roasted seeds that had fallen off the bagels over the course of the day out of the oven.  One day, instead of throwing them out, he saved the roasted seeds, realizing how delicious they are, and asked the owner of the shop to make bagels with them, suggesting they call it, “The Everything Bagel.”  It was an immediate hit and now the Everything Bagel can be found in practically every bagel, bakery and donut shop in America.

David is best known, though, for his big heart.  He benefits charities at many of his events, enlightening his audience about the nonprofit’s mission and asking them to donate either monetarily or physically. He’s held shoe drives for Shoes-for-All, toy drives for Toys-for-Tots and clothing drives for the Salvation Army.  The list of charities he’s helped is just too long to list.

Most importantly, David is the proud father of two teen-aged daughters, who are “beautiful inside and out."             


Founded in 1969, the EAC Network is a not-for-profit human service agency with a network of 66 programs throughout Long Island and New York City. Last year EAC helped over 57,000 people of all ages.
EAC programs protect at-risk children, support senior citizens, help people with mental health and substance abuse problems, educate people seeking financial independence, assist individuals who are under or unemployed, mediate disputes and work with families in crisis.




On Long Island, Cleaning for a Reason is led by Teresa Ward, President and Founder of Teresa’s Family Cleaning and in giving back, her organization donates cleaning services free of charge to help others in need.  Since 1993, Teresa’s business supported a wide variety of local charities and nonprofit organizations by cleaning homes of the seriously ill free of charge.  With the need for these services far exceeding the means, Teresa created the charitable extension of her organization, so that she could accept funding for these free cleanings by anyone wishing to help. 

“This is where the 2013 What Women Want Show comes in,” said Laura Palker, founder and president of the BBMG and owner of the Trade Show Solution Center, “for it is an honor to showcase Teresa’s services.  We are confident the women who will join us for this expo will truly admire and support Teresa’s initiative to care for others in this profound and deeply personal way."

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