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4:30 pm  THe Jarring Secrets Behind Getting Organized - It’s all about rotation!!!

Learn the secrets that will help you make your space completely renewed, refreshed and revived. Dana Barash uncovers the secrets to making this process, that usually feels overwhelming and anxiety filled, easy, quick and pleasant. She teaches the importance of spatial maintenance and empowers each person to take control of their area.  Her motto is “Organize for Life.” The results you can finally begin to take charge of your life.

Dana Barash
Owner, Founder, Professional Organizer
Spacial Serenity

Spacial Serenity, Inc. is a professional organizing service for Long Island Businesses and Residents. It offers assistance to those with spatial, time, and organizational needs. Dana Barash, the President, Owner, and Professional Organizer, founded this company to bring order and efficiency to the lives of her clients in their space at home and/or work. This service frees the client from distractions and gives them one to one assistance in the process towards a more serene and more peaceful environment.

4:30 PM  Discover Your Soul’s Purpose to Create a Life You Love - Learn why your Soul’s unique blueprint is your personal roadmap to success

Your Soul is your roadmap to success in all areas of your life! Learn how you can discover Your Soul’s Purpose and clear blocks and restrictions, limiting beliefs and coping mechanisms that are currently making it difficult for you to fully step into your most Purposeful, abundant life.

Kyrsten Barrett
Psychic & Manifestation Mentor
Expressive Souls

Kyrsten Barrett, psychic and manifestation mentor. Kyrsten specializes in uncovering Your Soul’s Gifts/Purpose and revealing blocks currently keeping you stuck in counterproductive habits. With two Masters degrees (Acupuncture/Oriental Medicine & Expressive Arts Therapy), she also has an extensive and unique background to inform her readings for relationships, health and wellbeing. 

5:30 pm  How to Prepare your Skin for Winter - Prevent Stress and Aging During the Winter Months

In this seminar you will learn best practices, methods and products for targeted prevention of winter damage. Cold weather, winter sun, wind and temperature differential all stress the skin, increasing the aging process. We will cover all the areas affected in the winter—the face, neck, hands and feet—and the best treatments to keep the skin hydrated, nourished and vibrant. Learn the importance of the proper nourishing creams and concentrates as well as the most effective home and salon care.

Sina von Eisenstein
Master Esthetician
Janssen Cosmetics

Master esthetician Sina Von Eisenstein. Internationally educated, with over 30 years in the beauty industry, brings her knowledge to industry professionals around the world through advanced training classes, lectures, educational videos and consulting services.  Her extensive knowledge covers face, body, hand and foot treatments, equipment usage, spa etiquette, marketing, sales strategies, and spa business practices.  Sina is CIDESCO certified, guaranteeing the highest level of esthetics mastery.

6:30 pm  Holiday Eating Survival Guide - Do your holiday foods, traditions and festivities go to your waist-line? (And other places too?)

Did you know:  
The National Average Weight Gain from Halloween to New Year’s Day is thirteen (13) pounds. Attend the “Holiday Eating Survival Guide” and discover proven strategies to enjoy all your favorite food and traditions along with your holiday festivities, without the dreaded weight gain. You’ll also receive a copy of the guide for your use during the holiday season. This year awaken on January 1, refreshed and renewed.


Margaret Marshall
Long Island’s Nutritional Advisor™
Why Weight… Live a Thin Life

Margaret is the president of Margaret Marshall Associates, and the founder of the “Why Weight”, coaching method.  Margaret is the author of “Body, Mind, and Mouth…Life’s Eating Connection” a Hofstra University CE instructor, and a “Learn It Live” instructor. For almost three decades she has helped nearly 10,000 people “Live a Thin Life”. She has been featured on TV, radio, and in print. Margaret is a nationally recognized speaker, and a member of the National Speakers Association, currently serving on the executive board of the New York City Chapter. 

5:30 pm  The Illusion of Time and The Art of energetic listening
Learn to see the truth in our stories

Have you ever felt you weren’t really being heard?  In business or our personal lives, communication is a crucial part of our movement through life.  Learn to move past the thoughts, words, and stories and begin to see the truth in our conversations.


Mark Hubbard
Director, Holistic Practitioner
Gaia Healing Arts Center

Mark Hubbard is a Wellness Educator, Speaker and Founder/Director of Gaia Healing Arts Center in Smithtown, New York: a Center for Wellness Education and Holistic Health Practices.  With a passion for Native American Spiritual tradition and deep roots in ancient Hermetic wisdom, Mark Hubbard has dedicated his life-energy to the study, practice and teaching of Indigenous Spiritual Wisdom and Holistic Wellness



6:30 PM  Will you live the life you’ve imagined?  Clarify and prioritize your life goals


Wells Fargo Advisors’ unique Envision® planning process offers you an easy effective way to identify your highest-priority goals and develop an investment plan designed to help you live the life the best way you can.

Find out how the Envision® planning process can help bring new clarity to your life goals -and enhance your understanding of what it may take to help achieve them.