Crystal Vision Marketing

"it’s down the rabbit hole for us"

Jodi Jacobs, Chief Visionary for Crystal Vision Marketing a Long Island based business has a long standing work relationship of nearly 20 years with show owner Laura Palker, Palker says that Jacobs was her first choice for the role of Chief Marketing Strategist based on her experience working with her on previous events.  Palker says it was Jacobs who, in musing ‘what is it we women want more than anything?’ quickly zeroed in on “time” as the hottest commodity women want and need.  With her quick fired wit, Jacobs proclaimed, “it’s down the rabbit hole for us” referring of course to C.S. Lewis’ Alice in Wonderland stories.  “That is actually how our theme emerged for the show,” laughs Jacobs, “and it has been great fun working with Laura, Beth, “Alice” and the concept of time.”

With over 20 years of experience in marketing and business development, it has been Jodi’s philosophy that everything we do is based on connections. Whether connecting thoughts to create a great idea, connecting like-minded people to build great teams, connecting intentions with actions to make something happen, connecting the dots, or connecting with people personally, emotionally, professionally, intellectually, or spiritually - it's about finding ways to establish common ground, common goals and common purposes and then working towards them together.